Finalising the division of assets Separation is a difficult time for everyone. You will need to make some decisions about what happens to your assets for example, the family home, investment properties, businesses, even pets. What are the enforceable options available to me? There are essentially three avenues: Binding Financial AgreementsConsent OrdersCourt Application We strongly…

Understanding Time Limitation Periods in Equity Statutory periods of time limitation specifically state how long a party has to bring a claim for breach. Most legal claims become statutory barred after six years. However, in cases of equitable claims there are no stipulated limitation periods. Therefore, the statutory time limitation by analogy applies. Courts will…

Cooling off rights in residential contracts Consider this, every Saturday morning you wake up early at 7am, get dressed and leave your kids with the babysitter, while you and your wife begin the search for your perfect home. Finally, you have found that perfect house in a quite court where you will spend the weekend…

Who do you trust to look after your interests?

It is crucial to have power of attorneys in place. We often underestimate the value of these, but it takes a second for life to turn around. Unfortunately, the probability of meeting a car accident is quite high and that one car accident can result in severe brain injury causing you to lose your cognitive abilities. If this happens, have you thought about who will look after your family? Who will look after your business, your family house, your pets? Most importantly, who will make medical decisions for you? Who will decide whether you should undergo particular surgery or not? The doctor or someone close to you?

Who can you appoint as Attorneys?

You can appoint anyone so long as they are an adult with legal capacity and you trust them with your affairs. You can appoint more than one person.

What powers does the Attorney have?

You can choose what powers you would like to give, from financial to medical. You may chose to give limited financial management powers. It is completely your choice.

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